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(4/13/21) Home Revamp and Other Big Fixes!

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Hello everyone! Apologies for the delay of this update, however there are some huge fixes in here so let's get to it!


Home Area Revamp


  • The home area has received a FULL revamp, as shown above! With this newly done restructure, everything is much closer and convenient for players to access, and feels more like a city!
  • It includes the following new features:
    • Fairy ring close to the bank
    • POH/sawmill area, just south of the bank
    • An ironman designated building, which houses the ironman-shop shop, and Adam
    • A fishing area with a bank right next to it
    • A convenient furnace/range/anvil near the center of town
    • LMS area, in the southern part of the town
    • The Reputation castle has been fully removed, as we have decided to remove the reputation system altogether

New Recolored Items

The following items have been added to the game as we have decided to start adding "recolored" versions of certain items into the game (these are purely cosmetic changes, no customs tats/bonus features):

  • Orange Party Hat
  • Orange Santa Hat
  • Maroon Ancestral Robes
  • Blue, Orange, and Maroon Twisted Bow

While you cannot directly purchase the twisted bows or ancestral items themselves, all recoloring kits + the new santa/party hat have been added to the donator store! More recolored items will be introduced into the game over time


Other Fixes/Changes

  • Grace now gives players the option to recolor graceful pieces
  • Mount karuulm and karuulm dungeon have been fixed. The teleports have been re-added
  • Fixed cannon pathing. Should closer resemble OSRS now.
  • Slayer task skip scrolls have been added to the donator store
  • The reputation system has been removed
  • Mos le harmless dungeon teleport now takes you to the correct location
  • Cut 100 gems daily task has been fixed
  • All singing bowl items should now be able to be made properly with the same requirements as on OSRS
  • Players NO LONGER need to create a forums account to login; Simply get to the login screen and type in a new username/password and login!
  • The clan chat has been fixed, players will now have the correct ranks in the CC
  • Combining a crystal key with crystal shards to create an enhanced crystal key now properly removes 10 crystal shards from your inventory, rather than just 1
  • Waterbirth island teleport no longer takes you to pollnivneach
  • Added the CIS fairy ring teleport (Arceuus Library)
  • Players should now be able to make all of the Crystal items at the Singing Bowl in Prifddinas
  • Uncharging a bonecrusher will no longer show the message "Not enough space in inventory"
  • Addy and rune dragons should no longer be able to PJ you

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