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(3/29/21) Launcher Rework, Bug/QoL Updates

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Hello everyone! This update isn't very big, as we are still working on finishing up some bigger updates, however there are some important things on here, so let's jump in


Launcher Revamp

We've moved away from our old launcher due to the amount of times it gets stuck loading, among other issues, and we have gone back to our older, more basic launcher. There should be zero issues with this one. If you run into an issue loading it up, or it launching the client, go into your c/user folder and delete the .alerion folder, then re-open the launcher

To download the new launcher, click here



Bug Fixes & More

  • The game launcher has been fixed and should no longer have any issues. Players will need to download the new launcher in order to receive automatic client updates.
  • Players can now use a pestle and mortar to crush crystal shards into dust
  • Black Dragons drop table in revenant cave has been fixed
  • Players should now be able to receive an easier task from a slayer master when speaking to them with a current task
  • Fishing spot at ::dz with dialogue has been replaced with an Anglerfish spot
  • Empty bucket pack now correctly gives 100 noted buckets
  • ::bank now works correctly for 500+ donators
  • Added brine rat cavern teleport under dungeon teleports
  • Added waterbirth island teleport under city teleports
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing reputation to reset
  • Traveling via the ship docks to and from Karamja/Brimhaven, Cairn Isle/Port Khazard, Rimmington/Port Sarim now work properly
  • Death and Wrath altar teleports added to the RC teleport interface via the Mage of Zamorak
  • Players can now RC wrath runes
  • Daily rewards chest has been slightly revamped to give less 


Be on the lookout for more hotfixes during this week, as well as some new content coming on next weeks update!

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