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(3/15/2021) More Bug Fixes & QoL Updates

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Hello everyone!

Todays update is focused primarily on bug fixes and QoL updates, meant to bring you guys a better experience while playing. No newer content this week, however you can expect to see some hotfixed in this week/by next Mondays update!

Bug Fixes/QoL Changes

  • Revenant drop rates have been fixed
  • Can no longer hold more than 28 coin pouches while thieving
  • NPC's in the wilderness section of the Edgeville Dungeon now drop looting bag
  • Relekka Slayer Cave will no longer be added to favorites when trying to select Catacombs
  • Players can now properly mine Amethyst
  • Abbot Langley added to Monastery for part of a clue step
  • Black Demons in the revenant caves should now properly drop loot
  • Players should no longer get stuck in certain areas of the World Boss area during fight
  • The Demon Slayer achievement will no longer sometimes show up in the main quest tab
  • Players can now trade $10 donator scrolls
  • Fixed the alch price of onyx bolt tips
  • Green Dragons now properly give varrock reputation AFTER starting King Roalds rep mini quest
  • Players can now sell runes for Tokkul in the Tzhaar shop
  • Increased amount of stackable loot received from Barrows (runes, bolt racks etc)
  • Karil now properly drains players Agility rather than Magic while fighting him
  • Gem Bag now stores and returns Opals and Jades
  • Killing green dragons no longer shows @blu@ in the message
  • Using mysterious emblems on the Emblem Trader should now work properly
  • Sawmill Operator spawn added at home next to POH portal
  • All potions in the Consumables Shop have been noted
  • Message added upon death that you can collect your lost items from the chest at home
  • Gem Stall at ::dz now gives medium coin pouches instead of only sapphires
  • Bigger and Badder slayer unlock for superiors now works properly
  • Piscatoris fishing colony teleport added under teleports > skilling
  • Pyramid Plunder will now remove you from the minigame if you teleport out/logout during it
  • No longer get a warning message climbing up the chain in slayer tower while wearing any slayer helm
  • Added the Miscellania teleport under teleports > skilling
  • Godwars portal in ::dz now gives correct kill count based on your donator rank
  • Temporarily removed Wyrms as a slayer task until Karuulm is fixed

I hope you all enjoy these changes and that these help improve your playing experience! Keep an eye out for some hotfixes coming this week.

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Great fixes! Nice to see an active developers working on the issues.

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There's the Barrows fix I was looking for! Awesome job!

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