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(3/8/2021) First Update - Tons of bug fixes/QoL changes + more!

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Hello everyone, welcome to the first official update of our re-launch!

First, I'd like to take this time to thank all of you for your continued support and diligence in reporting bugs/suggestions! All of your feedback always helps us to improve the gameplay for you guys. With that being said, let's hop into the update!

New Runecrafting Teleports

  • Players may now speak to the Mage of Zamorak (now also spawned in the east building in Edgeville, where Bob Barter & Watson are located) to view the all new runecrafting teleport interface! (players can still use right click -> teleport to be teleported to the Abyss)
  • The new interface will allow you to click on the rune you want to craft, and be directly teleported to the corresponding altar (the 'Teleport' button on the interface is not currently used for anything, but will be functional in the future)



Bug Fixes & QoL changes

  • Players now teleport closer to Cosmic/Body altar (couldn't walk to the altars before)
  • Added Auburys Rune Shop in Varrock (all game modes can access this shop)
  • All game modes can now access Mage Bank rune shop
  • Added god books to mage armor shop
  • Anti-dragon shield added to general store/ironman shop
  • Ibans staff/ancient staff added to ironman shop
  • Added Asgarnia Ice Cave teleport under teleports -> dungeons
  • Monk's Robes spawns added at the Monestary
  • Added Neitiznot city teleport
  • Ironmen can now buy a Helm of Neitiznot from Fridleif Shieldson in Neitiznot
  • Black Dragons in the revenants cave now have the proper drop table
  • Godwars bosses should no longer require/spawn all 3 lieutenants at the same time
  • "Pickpocket 250 times" daily task should now work properly
  • Added the Wise Old Man in the Mage building at home to purchase unlocked Achievement reward items
  • Can now equip all d'hide shields
  • Fixed a bug sometimes displaying an achievement in the main quest tab where 'View Teleports' is normally displayed
  • Can now properly select Catherby as a favorite teleport without it favoriting Burthrope instead
  • 2nd floor stairs of the Myths Guild now take you to the correct location
  • Added Bob's Brilliant Axe shop in Lumbridge with all hatchets, accessible for all game modes
  • Fixed an issue with Aubury displaying the wrong Reputation information
  • Varrock/Falador rooftop courses now give reputation per lap completed
  • Barrows gloves, needle, thread and pot of flour added to Ironman Shop
  • Green d'hide vambs now properly require 40 range
  • Fixed the 'Download Client' link on the website


Again, thank you all for reporting all of the bugs/suggestions, please keep them coming! I hope you all enjoy this update and it improves your gameplay. Happy grinding!

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Pog cheers for the updates!

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quick as always with adding suggestions. keep up the good work guys!


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Catching up on these. Sweet!

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