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Insanity's Goals & Achievements

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Goals & Achievements



Red = Not Started

Yellow = Ongoing

Green = Achieved

Purple = Given Up


Hello and welcome to my thread, in this thread I will be sharing daily/weekly updates with you on my journey of Alerion. This thread will be constantly updated when I have time to do so I hope we can all enjoy playing and competiting for #1 together.  I will update this thread with current level and EXP daily  and a complete drop log of all my rares at the end of every week.


Skill Achievements;

Attack - 1/99 EXP Counter- 0

Strength - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Defence - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Range - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Prayer - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Magic - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Hitpoints - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Runecrafting - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Agility - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Herblore - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Thieving - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Crafting - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Fletching - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Slayer - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Mining - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Smithing - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Fishing - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Cooking - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Firemaking - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Woodcutting - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Farming - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Hunter - 1/99 EXP Counter-0

Construction ? Unsure if this is added.


Gear Achievements;

To be Continued


To be continued.





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Good luck with your gains!

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