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Launch Information | Win a PS5/Xbox Series X!

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Hello everyone!

I am very pleased to announce that the official launch of Alerion will be this Friday, March 5th at 2pm EST! After countless hours of perfecting every aspect of the game and giving the greatest attention to detail, we feel very confident in releasing a game that you all will truly enjoy and be glad to call your new home, no matter your play style!

We know how easy it can be to quickly get burnt out on servers, which is why we have implemented a very unique system, never before seen in any RSPS, that truly gives you a new way to experience the game; This system is called 'Reputation' - to earn reputation, you will need to complete different tasks and activities in specific areas of the game, which will yield amazing rewards and account perks! For example, reaching 8,000 reputation in Kebos will permanently give you a boost at receiving rare items in the Chambers of Xeric, and for all of you PvP'ers, reaching each new rank of reputation in Edgeville will unlock massive discounts in the Pk Point store! More in-depth guides on how to earn reputation in each area will be available in game as well on the forums


As you all know, we will be giving away a Playstation 5 or an Xbox Series X, as well as cash/donator store credit prizes! Check out the details below on how you can win!

Playstation 5/Xbox Series X

  • The first player to reach the maximum total level AND be the first player to solo CoX will win the PS5/Xbox!

$100 Cash /$150 Donator Store Credit for the following:

  • The player with the most Chambers of Xeric's completions after the second week
  • The first player to reach maximum total level on an Ironman account
  • The first player to reach maximum total level on a Hardcore Ironman account

We are very much looking forward to seeing who will be the winners of these competitions! While you wait for the server to launch on Friday, make sure to join our discord for a 50m OSRS gp giveaway! If you'd like to see some sneak-peak media of the server, check out our Rune-Server thread here !

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