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  1. There's the Barrows fix I was looking for! Awesome job!
  2. Good luck with your gains!
  3. Never seen this before, but good luck lol
  4. Good luck man! Not sure how much harder CoX is on here than on last full release, but if you're up in the night hours (US) I'll be down!
  5. 100M is too easy, you can do better than that!
  6. Daddy


    Welcome! And sorry, but "Daddy" is already taken 😉
  7. I'm kind of a skiller myself 😛 Welcome and I'll see you there!
  8. Daddy

    Donator Benefits

    Is this the final version of the donator benefits?
  9. I've been thinking about getting a truck but those new Escalades have been calling my name lmao.
  10. Daddy

    Music taste?

  11. Nice car! I'm also a big fan of luxury cars. Here is my baby - 2016 Cadillac XTS
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