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  1. Last week
  2. Hello everyone! Apologies for the delay of this update, however there are some huge fixes in here so let's get to it! Home Area Revamp The home area has received a FULL revamp, as shown above! With this newly done restructure, everything is much closer and convenient for players to access, and feels more like a city! It includes the following new features: Fairy ring close to the bank POH/sawmill area, just south of the bank An ironman designated building, which houses the ironman-shop shop, and Adam A fishing area with a bank right next to it A convenient furnace/range/anvil near the center of town LMS area, in the southern part of the town The Reputation castle has been fully removed, as we have decided to remove the reputation system altogether New Recolored Items The following items have been added to the game as we have decided to start adding "recolored" versions of certain items into the game (these are purely cosmetic changes, no customs tats/bonus features): Orange Party Hat Orange Santa Hat Maroon Ancestral Robes Blue, Orange, and Maroon Twisted Bow While you cannot directly purchase the twisted bows or ancestral items themselves, all recoloring kits + the new santa/party hat have been added to the donator store! More recolored items will be introduced into the game over time Other Fixes/Changes Grace now gives players the option to recolor graceful pieces Mount karuulm and karuulm dungeon have been fixed. The teleports have been re-added Fixed cannon pathing. Should closer resemble OSRS now. Slayer task skip scrolls have been added to the donator store The reputation system has been removed Mos le harmless dungeon teleport now takes you to the correct location Cut 100 gems daily task has been fixed All singing bowl items should now be able to be made properly with the same requirements as on OSRS Players NO LONGER need to create a forums account to login; Simply get to the login screen and type in a new username/password and login! The clan chat has been fixed, players will now have the correct ranks in the CC Combining a crystal key with crystal shards to create an enhanced crystal key now properly removes 10 crystal shards from your inventory, rather than just 1 Waterbirth island teleport no longer takes you to pollnivneach Added the CIS fairy ring teleport (Arceuus Library) Players should now be able to make all of the Crystal items at the Singing Bowl in Prifddinas Uncharging a bonecrusher will no longer show the message "Not enough space in inventory" Addy and rune dragons should no longer be able to PJ you
  3. Earlier
  4. Hello everyone! This update isn't very big, as we are still working on finishing up some bigger updates, however there are some important things on here, so let's jump in Launcher Revamp We've moved away from our old launcher due to the amount of times it gets stuck loading, among other issues, and we have gone back to our older, more basic launcher. There should be zero issues with this one. If you run into an issue loading it up, or it launching the client, go into your c/user folder and delete the .alerion folder, then re-open the launcher To download the new launcher, click here Bug Fixes & More The game launcher has been fixed and should no longer have any issues. Players will need to download the new launcher in order to receive automatic client updates. Players can now use a pestle and mortar to crush crystal shards into dust Black Dragons drop table in revenant cave has been fixed Players should now be able to receive an easier task from a slayer master when speaking to them with a current task Fishing spot at ::dz with dialogue has been replaced with an Anglerfish spot Empty bucket pack now correctly gives 100 noted buckets ::bank now works correctly for 500+ donators Added brine rat cavern teleport under dungeon teleports Added waterbirth island teleport under city teleports Fixed an issue sometimes causing reputation to reset Traveling via the ship docks to and from Karamja/Brimhaven, Cairn Isle/Port Khazard, Rimmington/Port Sarim now work properly Death and Wrath altar teleports added to the RC teleport interface via the Mage of Zamorak Players can now RC wrath runes Daily rewards chest has been slightly revamped to give less Be on the lookout for more hotfixes during this week, as well as some new content coming on next weeks update!
  5. There's the Barrows fix I was looking for! Awesome job!
  6. Hello everyone! This isn't a massive update with tons of fixes, but moreso a much needed one with the slayer rework! Slayer Rework Slayer should now be very close to 1:1 OSRS in terms of getting the correct tasks from the correct slayer masters. All tasks given by the slayer masters match up to the tasks given on OSRS (different amounts). The main objective of re-working slayer in this way is to make it much easier for players to jump right in and know exactly how many points they will get per task, where their tasks are located and what tasks they might be assigned by each slayer master! Krystilia is now the only slayer master that will assign wilderness tasks Turael, Duradel and Steve will now offer the same tasks that they offer on OSRS If you have unlocked "Like A Boss", Steve & Duradel will give you the option of being assigned boss tasks when asking for a new task. They will then let you choose the amount you want to kill, between 3-35 You now receive the correct amount of points given per task completion, matching OSRS Other Fixes Server lag has been fixed for good. Players will no longer lag or randomly DC. Rejuvenation pool now has a 2 minute cooldown. Legendary donator rank and above have no cooldown. Slayer Casket drops have been fixed, should see them during tasks now Ape Atoll teleport added under training teleports (meant for Monkey slayer tasks) Monkfish will no longer burn at 87 cooking while wearing cooking gauntlets Ibans staff in magic/ironman shop should be fixed and purchasable now Ecto tokens have been added to the Slayer Shop Collection log should now be fully functioning anywhere you click on it Dragon Hunter Lance, Ferocious Gloves, 50-100m Coins, Dragon Crossbow, 500-750 d bones added to mystery box Player now gets 150 gems from bag full of gems, rather than 40 Chaos rune pack now only gives chaos runes Added Barrelchest Anchor to the Daily Task Rewards shop for 75 points Everyone should now see the level 99 global messages Players now correctly receive PkP from killing others in wild Fixed the green dragon reputation quest from King Roald in Varrock Fixed the black knights reputation quest from King Roald in Varrock Black Knights now properly drop the battle plans needed for King Roald rep quest Rune dragons lightning attack isn't as delayed now (before it caused you to drop combat and get pj'ed) Herb secondaries prices in ironman shop are now the same as in Olivias Herbs Tournaments require a minimum of 4 players to begin again Fire Surge base max hit increased to 36 while wearing charged tome of fire Able to high alch certain normal items that couldn't be high alched before Can now properly attack Basilisk Knights Fairy rings now work when wielding a draman staff (purchase in magic weapons or ironman store) Bugged Mark of Grace on Seers rooftop course fixed Added Barrelchest Anchor to daily task rewards shop for 75 points Looting bag drop rate from Revenants increased so easier to get CoX Fixes -Walking directly underneath Vasa will now deal rapid damage Lizardman Shamans purple spawns will only damage you if within 2 squares (was 5 squares before) Damage done to shamans during their jump attack now counts properly, rather than being negated Skeletal Mystics will no longer use magic attack if within melee range Tekton should no longer agro as soon as you enter the room, rather only when within 2 squares When walking to anvil, players directly under Tekton will take rapid damage I hope you all enjoy this update! Be on the lookout for some more hotfixes this week!
  7. Great fixes! Nice to see an active developers working on the issues.
  8. Hello everyone! Todays update is focused primarily on bug fixes and QoL updates, meant to bring you guys a better experience while playing. No newer content this week, however you can expect to see some hotfixed in this week/by next Mondays update! Bug Fixes/QoL Changes Revenant drop rates have been fixed Can no longer hold more than 28 coin pouches while thieving NPC's in the wilderness section of the Edgeville Dungeon now drop looting bag Relekka Slayer Cave will no longer be added to favorites when trying to select Catacombs Players can now properly mine Amethyst Abbot Langley added to Monastery for part of a clue step Black Demons in the revenant caves should now properly drop loot Players should no longer get stuck in certain areas of the World Boss area during fight The Demon Slayer achievement will no longer sometimes show up in the main quest tab Players can now trade $10 donator scrolls Fixed the alch price of onyx bolt tips Green Dragons now properly give varrock reputation AFTER starting King Roalds rep mini quest Players can now sell runes for Tokkul in the Tzhaar shop Increased amount of stackable loot received from Barrows (runes, bolt racks etc) Karil now properly drains players Agility rather than Magic while fighting him Gem Bag now stores and returns Opals and Jades Killing green dragons no longer shows @blu@ in the message Using mysterious emblems on the Emblem Trader should now work properly Sawmill Operator spawn added at home next to POH portal All potions in the Consumables Shop have been noted Message added upon death that you can collect your lost items from the chest at home Gem Stall at ::dz now gives medium coin pouches instead of only sapphires Bigger and Badder slayer unlock for superiors now works properly Piscatoris fishing colony teleport added under teleports > skilling Pyramid Plunder will now remove you from the minigame if you teleport out/logout during it No longer get a warning message climbing up the chain in slayer tower while wearing any slayer helm Added the Miscellania teleport under teleports > skilling Godwars portal in ::dz now gives correct kill count based on your donator rank Temporarily removed Wyrms as a slayer task until Karuulm is fixed I hope you all enjoy these changes and that these help improve your playing experience! Keep an eye out for some hotfixes coming this week.
  9. Hey Findi welcome to Alerion, glad to have you here!
  10. Hello! New to Alerion. My ign name is Findi. i'm 20 years old, from Finland. I'm jobless and don't study atm 😄 But i'm into coding and gfx. Main goal is to grind Max stats, don't know about 200m exp per skill 😄 ! Feel free to pm me, just to talk or for help!
  11. quick as always with adding suggestions. keep up the good work guys!
  12. Hello everyone, welcome to the first official update of our re-launch! First, I'd like to take this time to thank all of you for your continued support and diligence in reporting bugs/suggestions! All of your feedback always helps us to improve the gameplay for you guys. With that being said, let's hop into the update! New Runecrafting Teleports Players may now speak to the Mage of Zamorak (now also spawned in the east building in Edgeville, where Bob Barter & Watson are located) to view the all new runecrafting teleport interface! (players can still use right click -> teleport to be teleported to the Abyss) The new interface will allow you to click on the rune you want to craft, and be directly teleported to the corresponding altar (the 'Teleport' button on the interface is not currently used for anything, but will be functional in the future) Bug Fixes & QoL changes Players now teleport closer to Cosmic/Body altar (couldn't walk to the altars before) Added Auburys Rune Shop in Varrock (all game modes can access this shop) All game modes can now access Mage Bank rune shop Added god books to mage armor shop Anti-dragon shield added to general store/ironman shop Ibans staff/ancient staff added to ironman shop Added Asgarnia Ice Cave teleport under teleports -> dungeons Monk's Robes spawns added at the Monestary Added Neitiznot city teleport Ironmen can now buy a Helm of Neitiznot from Fridleif Shieldson in Neitiznot Black Dragons in the revenants cave now have the proper drop table Godwars bosses should no longer require/spawn all 3 lieutenants at the same time "Pickpocket 250 times" daily task should now work properly Added the Wise Old Man in the Mage building at home to purchase unlocked Achievement reward items Can now equip all d'hide shields Fixed a bug sometimes displaying an achievement in the main quest tab where 'View Teleports' is normally displayed Can now properly select Catherby as a favorite teleport without it favoriting Burthrope instead 2nd floor stairs of the Myths Guild now take you to the correct location Added Bob's Brilliant Axe shop in Lumbridge with all hatchets, accessible for all game modes Fixed an issue with Aubury displaying the wrong Reputation information Varrock/Falador rooftop courses now give reputation per lap completed Barrows gloves, needle, thread and pot of flour added to Ironman Shop Green d'hide vambs now properly require 40 range Fixed the 'Download Client' link on the website Again, thank you all for reporting all of the bugs/suggestions, please keep them coming! I hope you all enjoy this update and it improves your gameplay. Happy grinding!
  13. Good luck with your gains!
  14. Goals & Achievements Legend; Red = Not Started Yellow = Ongoing Green = Achieved Purple = Given Up Intro; Hello and welcome to my thread, in this thread I will be sharing daily/weekly updates with you on my journey of Alerion. This thread will be constantly updated when I have time to do so I hope we can all enjoy playing and competiting for #1 together. I will update this thread with current level and EXP daily and a complete drop log of all my rares at the end of every week. Skill Achievements; Attack - 1/99 EXP Counter- 0 Strength - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Defence - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Range - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Prayer - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Magic - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Hitpoints - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Runecrafting - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Agility - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Herblore - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Thieving - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Crafting - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Fletching - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Slayer - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Mining - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Smithing - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Fishing - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Cooking - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Firemaking - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Woodcutting - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Farming - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Hunter - 1/99 EXP Counter-0 Construction ? Unsure if this is added. Gear Achievements; To be Continued Droplog; To be continued.
  15. I love this. Best of luck with the business!
  16. Jefe

    Jefe Goals

    Was unsure of how gold obtaining was so just set it small for now..definitely want billions!
  17. yeah it’s unusual these days as most servers players usually can get all the high end supplies in shops. But Rob was telling me that high end supplies will be gained through skilling so it will create more of a economy for skilling and help players interact more. So I just decided to take initiative to get my name out there early since all I do is skill all day. Might as well turn a profit haha.
  18. Never seen this before, but good luck lol
  19. I will be offering the dedicated service of providing resources for people who don’t have time to gather them or just don’t have enough. This will consist of any skilling resources you can think of (logs, ores, bars, herbs, pots, food(raw or cooked), etc.) . feel free to place your order on the thread using the form or PM me if you see me ingame and I will let you know when the order has been started and an estimate of completion. Depending if I have stock or not I may ask you to meet me in game for immediate fulfillment. DISCLAIMER: A 50% deposit is required to secure your order and prevent my time being wasted. If you decide to not want the order after I have started 25% of your deposit will be kept so please be sure you want what you order. If I have not started the order and you change your mind you will receive your deposit in full. If your order is completed and we haven’t spoke I will hold your order until I see you. order form: Ingame username: order item: amount required: look forward to providing you guys with resources!
  20. Good luck man! Not sure how much harder CoX is on here than on last full release, but if you're up in the night hours (US) I'll be down!
  21. Jefe

    Jefe’s Emporium!

    Delete please, will not allow edits.
  22. 100M is too easy, you can do better than that!
  23. Daddy


    Welcome! And sorry, but "Daddy" is already taken 😉
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